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Parents and Families

Family comes first

It’s “familismo,” or connection to family, that offers strength and purpose as students begin to think about college and transition into a new chapter of their lives. For many, the decision about where to go to college are made as a family, and parents and caregivers remain an important source of support throughout their students’ higher education journey. We recognize this special connection and have created programs to strengthen the involvement of parents and families. This includes family orientations, free workshops that clarify the tools and resources available to prepare for college, and more.

Parent and Caregiver Education

Parent and Caregiver Education

Join a free workshop on communicating with teachers and schools, preparing your student for college, and more. Each bilingual session is one hour, targeted by grade level and delivered in a variety of methods; including in-person, hybrid and online. Programs are offered at local schools, districts and community-based organizations.

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Conexiones Familiar

Developed in partnership with the Parent Institute for Quality Education, the Conexiones Familiar program helps parents and families learn about how to navigate the university system, college requirements, digital skills and more. The bilingual program is provided to families of students from a cluster of high schools located in the Sweetwater Unified School District.  

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Family Orientation

Family Orientation

Each September, all new students and their families are invited to join an orientation designed to share information about the UC San Diego student experience from the perspective of Black, Latinx and Native American cultures. Participants can connect with other families, learn about campus resources and explore what the university has to offer.

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Parent and Family Programs

Stay connected to your student's life on campus. Parent & Family Programs provides opportunities for parents and caregivers to discover resources and join family events throughout the year. The support of families contributes to students' success academically, socially and personally.

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Parent and Family Programs
Parent and Family Guide

Parent and Family Guide

Whether your student is a first-year or in their last year, a transfer student or an international student, a student-parent or first-generation student, your support is important in their success at UC San Diego. You, too, will benefit from being informed as a family member of an incoming or continuing student. This Parent & Family Guide is a way to learn or review the university's resources.

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